Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Asks John Bolton: Did Putin Lie to Trump About Election Meddling?


Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy cut right to the chase with National Security Advisor John Bolton Tuesday — asking him if Russian President Vladimir Putin lied to President Donald Trump‘s face when he said that Russia didn’t interfere in the election.

“I don’t think there is any question that the Russian state is involved and that’s why the President wanted the four heads of some of the key agencies involved in detecting and preventing foreign election meddling to go out and tell the American people exactly what they’re doing,” Bolton said. “Now, they couldn’t tell them everything because obviously you’re not going to tell our adversaries what we are doing so they can evade it, but certainly in general terms so that people could have faith that the government is protecting the integrity of the election process.”

“The President knew what they were going to say because he had been briefed on it a few days before at a National Security Council meeting,” he added. “He wanted it. He didn’t just authorize it, he encouraged it.”

“Do you think if they try something we will have retribution for China or Russia or anybody else that tries something?” Brian Kilmeade said, following up. “Is that the only thing that will get their attention? Are we prepared to do this?”

“I can’t get into the specifics, but let me say we’re considering a variety of steps to take,” Bolton replied. “Obviously what we would like to see in place are sufficient structures of deterrents that foreign adversaries don’t even think about meddling in our election.”

Doocy asked Bolton to elaborate, but Bolton punted — saying simply: “We’re working on it.”

“We don’t want conflict in cyberspace,” he said. “We want our elections to be left alone.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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