Fox & Friends‘ Steve Doocy Thinks Even if Putin Keeps Meddling, It’s Good for Trump


On Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy seemed to suggest that even if Russia keeps messing with American institutions, it could actually be useful to President Trump from negotiations point of view.

We’ve already established that Trump’s favorite show has completely accepted his half-walkbacks following the summit in Helsinki, despite the fact that the president is still being wishy washy about challenging Putin over Russia’s actions in 2016. Since the White House says Putin might come to visit later this year, Doocy came up with an interesting hypothetical about what that conversation would be like if Putin doesn’t stop his country’s election interference.

You know what will be very interesting is if the president sat down with Putin and they had that private meeting on Monday of two hours. Nobody know what they said except the translator…It would be interesting if the president said to him ‘Vladimir, you’ve got to stop with the meddling,’ and he shows up in mid-October before the midterms, and its still going on, what do you think the president would say then? ‘Look, I thought we had a deal here. I thought you were going to stop it.’ So it looks like if that were true, the president would have a little chip to play against Mr. Putin. ‘Look, you are not doing it I’m not going to go along with the Ukraine, Israel, Syria, the plans we had made, maybe not so fast.’

A… unique take.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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