Fox & Friends Take On Lawyer For Terror Suspect: They Want Everyone ‘To Dress In Full Muslim Regalia’

On Monday, Fox & Friends took a look at whether it was “appropriate” for Cheryl Bormann, the lawyer defending terror suspect Walid bin Attash, to be donning a head and body covering in court so as, as she explained it, not to offend her client.

Co-host Gretchen Carlson described Bormann’s garb as a “full burqa,” adding that Bormann has said that female attorneys working for the prosecution should also take care to cover themselves, as she has chosen to do, “in honor of her client’s religion.” Bormann said at a press conference that she covers herself in court — from the courtroom sketch, she appears to be wearing a head covering and abaya, with her face remaining visible — “out of respect for his cultural and religious beliefs,” adding that “it is what is required of me.”

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“It’s worse than that,” said fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade. “They want everyone in the courtroom to dress in the full Muslim regalia.” He also said that her client made a paper airplane in court and “made believe he was throwing it at the families of the [9/11] victims.”

Have a look at their discussion, via Fox News:

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