Fox & Friends Team Is Even More Excited About SNL Mention Than Glenn Beck

Yesterday when Glenn Beck showed off the clip of the SNL sketch that said he was right about gold, it was kind of charming how excited he was. However, a day later, seeing the Fox & Friends team get even more excited about it is kind of weird. It’s just strange seeing people get such a kick out of their friend being mentioned on a TV show when every one of them is on TV literally every day. Besides, this is still a joke from a comedy show. Do you think the editors of Cat Fancy got this psyched when SNL proved definitively that cats could drive cars?

The whole thing then predictably (and awkwardly) slid into the “everyone is turning against Obama and totally on our side narrative.” One can’t help but wonder if Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson will be this happy the next time they get mentioned on The Daily Show or if, when Jon Stewart begins mocking them, it’ll just be a case of more irrelevance from a simple comedian.

(via MediaBistro)

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