Fox & Friends Tears Into Obama’s ‘Scare-Quester’: ‘Unbelievable’ GOP Let Themselves Be Labeled ‘Rich’ Party

On Friday, Fox & Friends took a look at the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester, known to them as the “scare-quester.” Hitting President Obama for tossing aside the idea of compromise, the crew also noted there may be some pressure on him to do just that.

“Life as we know it on planet Earth will pretty much end,” is Obama’s message about the sequester, Steve Doocy asserted, adding that while Republicans have been working they’ve yet to hear from Obama.

In disbelief that the president and Congress went on vacation with the deadline looming, Brian Kilmeade also noted that the Obama feels the polls are on his side. “And he has successfully put the sequester as the blame for Republicans in the House,” he added.

While previously the president’s pressure on Republicans has worked, Gretchen Carlson chimed in, Obama now seems to be feeling pressure to come to the table and reach out.

Only a few weeks ago, Obama got his way with taxes, Kilmeade added, prompting Doocy to note that that “was compromise.” And yet now they want to raise taxes again?

“I think it’s unbelievable the Republicans somehow have allowed themselves to be labeled as the party of rich when there is no more rich Republicans than there are rich Democrats,” Kilmeade asserted.

Eventually, the crew moved on to the “draconian” defense cuts that would result from the sequester, arguing that Obama is not a “pro-defense” president.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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