Fox & Friends: The First Part of the Caravan Has Arrived At California Border!


The Caravan is here! The Caravan is here!

It’s not quite the same as Paul Revere’s historic clarion call “The British are Coming” but Fox & Friends are trying their best.

After over a month of fear-mongering coverage of a ragtag group of Central American migrants making their way to the Southern U.S. border, Fox & Friends reported Wednesday that the first members of this “caravan” have reached the California-Mexico border.

The opening segment to Wednesday’s program opened with the sort of b-roll that former Trump campaign advisor called “a political gift,” which explains perhaps why the pro-Trump morning show played up caravan coverage so much in the run-up to last week’s midterm elections.

Since the Republicans suffered a significant loss in last week’s elections, however, there has been far less caravan coverage, suggesting perhaps that the so-called “invasion” was less a clear and present danger, but instead a craven ploy to motivate a base of pro-Trump voters.

DHS Kirstjen Nielsen has spoken about the roughly 1,000 illegal immigrants that cross the border each day, which is certainly a reasonable issue for border security. But 350 caravan members reported in this story seems to be a typical day for border patrol, and hardly merits the attention it’s received by Fox News.

Unless of course, this reportage on display is less about the complex issue of immigration, and more about scaring viewers with b-roll of Hispanic migrants entering our country.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.


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