Fox & Friends Weekend Hosts’ Advice to GOP Candidates: You Should Be ‘Aggressively’ Supporting Trump


On Fox and Friends Sunday, the hosts discussed the midterm elections, saying several times to any GOP candidate who might be listening that they’d better get cozy with Donald Trump, and quick, if they want to win. They also specifically said congress needs to get on Trump’s team on immigration and the border.

Pete Hegseth, Abby Huntsman, and Griff Jenkins each chimed in to say that Republicans running for office should support Trump and his agenda. Jenkins cited races like Martha Roby in Alabama and Brian Kemp in Georgia, and pointed out that Roby, who was once a critic, “came around” to support Trump, thereby earning his “game changer” of a “finger on the scale” in her race.

“And why is that?” said Huntsman. “They realize that if they move closer the president, a lot of people are liking some of his policies and things that are happening in this country.” She cited a recent Rasmussen poll showing Trump’s likely-GOP numbers are higher than those of Congress.

“If you are running as a Republican for congress or for senate, you probably want to associate yourself– I mean a lot of it depends on where you live, and what the local politics are,” she said. “But in large part, I would say, siding with the president on some of these issues might benefit you.”

Griff Jenkins then said other polls show the same and that “most Republicans now are on Team Trump essentially.”

He then repeated the group’s advice yet again. “It’s a wake-up call if you’re a candidate out there and you’re on the fence you may want to consider supporting even more aggressively,” he said. “President Trump, by all accounts, I think, has pretty much taken over the Republican party.”

Pete Hegseth then laughed derisively and said, “Of course.”

“If you’re running for office and running away from this president in a Republican primary, you’re in a bad bad spot.”

Hegseth then turned to the funding bill and President Trump’s ultimatum about the wall, suggesting basically that it’s Republicans who are failing to fund the border wall, something CRTV’s Michelle Malkin also said on Fox and Friends this weekend.

Hegseth then referred back to prior Trump comments, saying “I will take you into the wayback, the flashback machine” to quote Trump saying that the government might have to shut down if the wall is not funded. Apparently Hegseth’s machine doesn’t go as far back as the hundred of times the President swore and double and triple and quadruple and quintupled down the notion that Mexico would pay for the wall, which would abrogate any need to get Mitch McConnell on board for funding it.

But Hegseth continued, and said that the president’s poll numbers being so much higher than those of Congress should impact their view on the wall. “They keep saying, ‘Nah, we just can’t really agree on this border wall, we just can’t get the funding for it, you know, it’s a couple billion bucks, we got billions of dollars for this for that for this for that Republicans didn’t vote for’. Yet we can’t fund the border wall?” said a worked-up Hegseth. “Like I don’t understand why they don’t get that.”

“And I think the President would be wise to reiterate that he would shut it down if they won’t give a border wall,” Hegseth added. A short time later, the President tweeted the very reiteration Hegseth said that he should.

So show your support “even more aggressively” or else you’ll probably lose, they say. That is definitely a message their number one fan wants to hear. Often.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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