Fox & Friends: Would ObamaCare Cover Bill Clinton’s Heart Stents?

On Fox & Friends, an emergency heart procedure for an ex-president is a perfect opportunity for an ultra-partisan hypothetical situation: “If the Democrats’ health care reform had gone through would President Clinton have received the stents?” The two stents the former president was given on Thursday provided a jumping off point for a highly convoluted (and perhaps insensitive?) undermining of health care reform plans, the stimulus package and Obama’s budget director Peter Orszag.

“Let’s say he’s not the president…he’s just a middle aged man who needs an emergency operation. Would he have got those stents?” they asked during a segment titled “Prescription for Truth.” The reasoning bordered on incomprehensible and the answer was a vague maybe not, though it was based on a study in the Wall Street Journal. “I’m not going to make a determination — I’m not a doctor,” but let’s just say socialists aren’t that down with timeliness when it comes to heart procedures. Hypothetically.

Here’s the clip:

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