Fox & Friends Guest Celebrates Trump Fat-Shaming People at His Rallies: All Part of His ‘Razzle Dazzle’


A New York Post columnist appeared on Fox & Friends to explain the brilliance behind President Donald Trump’s insults and rollicking campaign rallies that delight his supporters and shock his critics.

On the back of an op-ed in the Post comparing Trump’s rally performances to WWE wrestlers, Devine told Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy that the president specializes in “crowd manipulation.”

Doocy noted that trying to “demonize the opponent” is a centerpiece of wrestling, before airing a supercut of Trump’s insults for his foes, from “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

“That makes sense now!” Doocy laughed.

“It’s all about good guys versus bad guys,” Devine explained. “The villains are the ‘heels,’ and Donald Trump has an entire stable of them with the Democrats. Pocahontas — he’s brilliant at assigning them these catch-phrases.”

Devine then gushed over Trump’s command of a crowd, noting his ability to point out fat people as evidence of this expertise.

“He’s very good — like the best wrestlers, like the Stone Cold Steve Austins — Donald Trump is very good at getting the crowd going, at reading the crowd, he seems to know everything that’s going on there. He can pick — you know if there’s a guy out the back who’s a little bit fat, he’ll point him out. That’s all part of the razzle dazzle of wrestling.”

Doocy pointed out that when Trump last fat-shamed a man at his rally, the man ended up being (1) a supporter and (2) not fat.

Trump rallies — during which the president attacks the “Fake News media” and occasionally indulges in virulent racism from his supporters — have been a centerpiece of the president’s appeal since his unlikely trail to the White House back in 2015.

Devine, like many hired guns marching under Murdoch’s News Corp flag, was once not so fond of Trump’s theatrical bravado. In 2015, she dismissed him as a “weirdo narcissist” and an “ugly chippy bully.”

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