Fox Guest Arthur Aidala Drops S-Bomb On Live TV

Wednesday afternoon on Fox News, defense lawyer and frequent guest Arthur Aidala dropped the dreaded s-bomb during a conversation about the Delaware pediatrician accused of “waterboarding” his 11-year old girl as punishment.

“My dad used to hit me with a leather belt, and his dad used to him with the barber strap” Aidala said while elaborating on a point about parents punishing children.

“Okay, but you could breathe,” host Megyn Kelly shot back.

“Oh, listen to me, man,” Aidala responded. “That shit hurt.”


Aidala turned rosy red, and Kelly berated him: “You! You have got to make a deposit in Bob Beckel’s jar.”

“I apologize,” an embarrassed Aidala said.

Kelly was referring to Tuesday afternoon when The Five‘s Bob Beckel told co-host Eric Bolling, “If you do that one more time, you’re fucking toast!”

Take a look below, via Fox News:

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