Fox Guest: Earth Will ‘Shrug Off Your SUV’ Like It Has For ‘Thousands of Years’


Conservative author Mark Steyn got a bit too hyperbolic on Thursday’s Fox and Friends, when he minimized the impact of human activity on the climate.

“The planet will be fine,” Steyn said. “It will shrug off your SUV and your air conditioner without a thought, as it has for thousands of years.”

Of course, both the internal combustion engine and air conditioning have only been around for just about a century.

The guest was underlining his point that Islamism was a bigger threat to humanity than the impact of climate, in response to a rhetorical question from Pete Hegseth.

“Is that the perfect dichotomy of the future — that you’ve got the left calling conservatives ‘climate deniers;’ but conservatives pointing and saying — well, of course, you’re ‘Islamist deniers’?,” the guest host said.

Steyn answered, “Right, right. And in 2100 — I think in 2100, we’ll know who was right — those of us who worried about what’s happening at things like the Ariana Grande thing, or those who worried” about the climate. The author continued with his SUV line.

Later in the segment, the Fox News guest railed against the Paris climate agreement: “It’s not a serious agreement, and neither was Kyoto. And as far as I’m aware, the only country that actually took Kyoto seriously was New Zealand; and they tried to honor it, and it nearly bankrupted them. So they had to pull out.”

You can watch the relevant portion of the Mark Steyn segment above, via Fox News.

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