Fox Guest Host: Ray Rice Would Have Been Punished More if He Hit Gay Man

On Fox News’s Outnumbered Tuesday, guest host Bernie McGuirk asserted that former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice would have received a harsher punishment had he knocked out a gay man or white woman rather than his black then-fiancée Janay.

Rice’s contract with the Ravens was terminated Monday after surveillance video surfaced of him punching Janay in an elevator. Before the video was made public, he had only received a two-game suspension by the NFL.

“The NFL, they’ll suspend you for pot a half a year,” McGuirk said. “The Dolphins guy [Don Jones] was suspended for expressing his opinion on the [Michael Sam] gay kiss. He was sent to re-indoctrination camp. He was fined. I mean, if he had punched a gay guy in an elevator, this Ray Rice, he probably would have been charged with a hate crime. He wouldn’t have been in the NFL anymore.”

Janay has since come out defending Ray, who she is now married to.

McGuirk continued, “If it was [Fox Sports reporter] Erin Andrews who Rice was dating, do you think he would have just gotten a two-game suspension? I don’t think it is.”

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