Fox Guest Still Believes MH370 Might Have Landed in Another Country and Got Repainted

The now month-long hunt for MH370 has inspired all sorts of theories about what could have happened to the plane and where it ended up, and one Fox News guest said today he believes it’s still possible that the plane landed in another country and was repainted to look like another plane. Greta Van Susteren reported the latest news in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane––that several “pings” have been detected that could possibly have originated from the black box on the plane, and asked retired B777 pilot Hank Whitmore, “Do you still think that it might have gone to another country at this point and maybe had the tail number repainted or something?”

Whitmore responded, “Yes, I still do believe that.” However, he did say that based on everything we know thus far about the pings being detected, they appear to be from the kind of pinger that they put on black boxes.

The frequency of the pings suggests that it might be from the black box, however CNN notes a few reasons it may not be, including how only one pulse at a time was detected and how the equipment used to detect the pulse was “designed for shallow water applications.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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