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Fox Guest Lars Larson Rails Against Dem. Strategist Bernard Whitman Over ‘Pathetic’ Benghazi Indictments

A contentious exchange broke out on Fox News Wednesday afternoon between conservative radio host Lars Larson and Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman over new indictments in the Benghazi consulate attacks, with Larson alleging that the Obama administration was using the indictments as political cover, and had only caught “a bunch of bystanders” rather than the perpetrators of the attack.

“I think this is a pathetic response,” Larson said. “The United States government took a month to get on the scene and actually look at the evidence in Benghazi. We had troops who could have gone in there. We supposedly have the cooperation of the Libyan government. And we had a crime scene and four Americans murdered. I bet when Bernard wrote his book Fifty-Two Reasons To Vote For Obama, I bet speedy justice for murdered Americans was probably not on that list.”

Whitman objected to this: “I find your comments actually extraordinarily offensive.”

“So what?” Larson responded.

“If this was all about politics, they would have done everything they could to bring justice as speedily as possible,” Whitman said. “Rather than doing that, they wanted to make sure they conducted a full investigation to pursue every lead. You can’t just indict these people because you tip off other suspects and terror cells.”

Whitman also threw the political charge back at Larson. “The fact that the Republicans seem hell-bent to squeeze every bit of political juice out of this is absurd,” he said. “You have no other plans to deal with this issue or any other…The Obama administration’s national security policy has kept America far safer than it was under George W Bush.”

“Ha!” Larson scoffed. “Tell that to the people of Boston.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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