Judith Miller Warns That Fox Reporter Refusing To Reveal Source ‘May Have To Go To Prison’

Fox News reporter Jana Winter is facing a First Amendment fight, being pressed to reveal the sources behind her story about Aurora theater shooter James Holmes — or face possible jail time. Judith Miller, who, you may recall, made headlines when she found herself in a similar situation, joined Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson on Monday. And her prediction wasn’t optimistic.

Winter has been refusing to reveal the sources behind her story about the notebook kept by Holmes.

“If we’re dependent on what the government tells us, the public never really gets to know what it needs to know about a situation,” Miller asserted. “But if we don’t have that personal relationship and a relationship of trust with our sources, people won’t tell us things because they really are risking their careers when they tell us something that perhaps the government doesn’t want us to know.”

Miller went on to respond to Colorado’s shield law, and offered pessimistic prospects for Winter’s case. “I think she may have to go to prison,” she argued, adding that she hopes the judge sees the situation differently. Especially because the information in question is now public — and, Miller asserted, would have become public eventually anyway.

Thus, she ought not “to be forced to make a decision between burning a confidential source and going to jail when the information is already public.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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