Fox Guest Slams Reza Aslan’s ‘Aloof Arrogance’: If He’s ‘Just A Scholar,’ Then ‘He’s Not A Very Good Muslim’

President of the Media Research Center Brent Bozell appeared on Fox News Wednesday afternoon to rebut days of criticism over Lauren Green’s recent interview with author Reza Aslan, in which the Fox anchor repeatedly questioned Aslan’s motives for writing a text on Jesus when he himself is a Muslim.

“It was the exact correct question that needed to be asked,” Bozell said. “She had every right to ask him, ‘Do you have a bias? Are you being influenced by your faith to write what you’re writing?’ He should have said, first and foremost, said, ‘Yes I am.’ To deny it shows the aloof arrogance of ‘How dare she even ask that question?'”

Listing multiple points at which he felt the Muslim faith contradicted Christianity’s interpretation of Jesus, Bozell said, “If he is going to take the attitude, ‘Well, he’s just a scholar, he just happens to be Muslim, that he didn’t really care about this issue’—he’s not a very good Muslim.'”

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Bozell cited what he said were numerous historical mistakes and misinterpretations of Christianity in Aslan’s text, scoffed at the alleged quantity of his sources, and pointed out that that Aslan does not have a degree, as he’d claimed, in the History of Religion (it’s in the Sociology of Religion).

Earlier on Wednesday Aslan told MSNBC that Fox had an “inherent anti-Muslim bias,” but that he felt “really bad” for Green, whom he thought was just asking the questions she’d been told to by her producers.

Bozell defended Green as “a good, good woman, who doesn’t deserve to be attacked like this.”

“I do not believe there is another religion reporter on television today,” Bozell said. “Lauren Green is the only one in business today. So who in the world is to criticize Lauren Green and Fox News?”

Watch the full clip here, via Fox News:

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