Fox Guest: ‘Tyranny’ of Thought in Hollywood Doesn’t Allow for Political Dissent


Fox’s Special Report tonight tackled the issue of whether conservative actors feel marginalized because of how overwhelmingly liberal most of Hollywood is.

Dr. Gina Loudon told Bret Baier that there’s a “tyranny” of thought in Hollywood where people are not allowed to march out of lockstep. She said more people would be open to hearing the opinions of celebrities if they were willing to engage in more civil discourse.

Baier said that people he knows in the industry are concerned about speaking out at all, but he also brought up Morgan Freeman‘s more “practical” take on a Trump presidency.

Leslie Marshall argued that there’s really nothing new about Hollywood being this openly political––given celebrity activism during the Bush years––and said that people are afraid, but Loudon shot back that conservatives were afraid for 8 years and the rhetoric is far more dangerous now.

Marshall countered that there were Democrats who got threatened early on in Obama’s first term.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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