Fox Guest Discusses Whether There’s a Coming ‘Kristallnacht’ Against Christianity Abroad

In a “Fight for Faith” segment of Fox & Friends Friday morning, Fox legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. warned that there has been a “precipitous decline in the Christian population in the Middle East,” before suggesting that there are historical parallels to the events leading up to the Nazi “Kristallnacht” against the Jewish people in 1938.

Johnson asserted to host Brian Kilmeade that examples like violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt, the killing of non-Muslims at a Kenyan mall last month, and a terrorist attack on a Pakistani church, all prove that there is a war on Christianity abroad.

And the United States isn’t doing enough to stop it, Johnson added.

“This is a horribly ignored issue,” he said. “They are under attack in the mideast and in other places around the world.” He cited a Los Angeles Times article [Ed. note: It was actually in the Washington Post.] that saw parallels between the lead-up to the Nazi’s “Kristallnacht” — two days of violence against Jews widely seen as the start of the Holocaust — and today’s violence against Christians.

“Are we too P.C. to say it?” Johnson wondered. “Are we strong enough to step up and say that religious terror exists in the world?”

Watch below, via Fox:

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Editor’s note: This post has been edited since its original posting – Jon Nicosia, Mgr. Editor

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