Fox Host Fawns Over Trump’s Bizarre Attack on the Wrong Newspaper: ‘I Think He Feels He’s Winning’


Fox Business host David Asman was delighted on Wednesday as he reacted to President Donald Trump’s raging press spray in which he flung allegations of treason and accused the wrong newspaper of reporting fake news in a bizarre and factually incorrect tirade.

Speaking to reporters alongside the president of Finland, Trump attacked on Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), falsely accusing him of “treason”; demanded the identify of the whistleblower who filed the complaint against him; and embarked on a freewheeling rant in which he slammed the Washington Post as dishonest for a report from the New York Times on his shocking border security proposals.

The White House didn’t deny the report, and it’s important to note that Fox News has confirmed Times reporting that Trump suggested migrants be shot in the legs to slow them down at the border.

When Fox News show Outnumbered reacted to Trump’s spray, however, Asman fawned over Trump’s false comments and bashed the “fake media” for reporting.

“Focusing on the Washington Post ain’t bad, because remember they have been caught several times with the news that did not turn out to be true,” Asman said. “Like the DNI, Mr. Maguire, that he was going to resign as a result of this conversation. Of course, Maguire himself said that was absolutely not true.”

Asman is referring to a Washington Post report that acting DNI Joseph Maguire threatened to resign, which he denied. The Post stood by its reporting.

“And a number of stories just in the past week that turned out to be not true,” Asman continued, though for evidence of the Post botching stories he bizarrely cited a New York Times story.

“It’s ‘who are you going to believe? Them or me? That is the Trumpian way now,'” he concluded.

Melissa Francis joined in by remarking on how Trump “points out a lot of reports that have been printed that were not true.” (A reminder that Fox News confirmed the New York Times report.)

As Francis noted Trump’s visible anger throughout the exchange, Asman jumped back in to say “I think he feels he’s winning!”

“I think he believes he has a jump on the media, that he has a jump on the Democrats by releasing the information that he has,” Asman continued. “I think that he has regained his energy somewhat.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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