Fox Host Goes Off on Bernie Sanders After Town Hall: ‘He’s a Millionaire and He’s a Socialist!’


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney accused Bernie Sanders of hypocrisy on Tuesday in light of the Vermont senator’s defense of his own wealth at a contentious town hall on Fox News.

Sanders was asked at the town hall about the revelation from his tax returns that he is a millionaire — and he turned the question against Fox News by saying the network should scrutinize President Donald Trump‘s taxes.

When Varney reacted to the town hall on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, he accused Sanders of hypocrisy.

“He’s a one-percenter, he’s a millionaire, and he’s a socialist,” Varney said. “I’ve got a problem with that, He’s trying to make sure that we, the rest of us on our way up, don’t accumulate the kind of pile that he already has!”

Varney continued by calling Sanders’s estate tax proposal “outrageous.”

“Where is the fairness in this?” Varney asked.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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