comScore Fox Host Kennedy Goes Full Trump With Terrible Beto Nickname ‘Beta O’Dork’: ‘He’s a Beta Male!’

Fox Host Kennedy Goes Full Trump With Terrible Beto Nickname ‘Beta O’Dork’: ‘He’s a Beta Male!’

Former Texas Congressman and freshly-announced Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke already has a nickname (it’s “Beto”), but Fox News host Kennedy is trying her hand at Donald Trump‘s name game by dubbing O’Rourke “Beta O’Dork.”

Trump’s infamous habit of giving his opponents “clever” nicknames like “Li’l Marco” Rubio and “Little Adam Schitt” has rubbed off on the Outnumbered co-host, “cleverness” and all. On Monday’s edition of the cable news gabfest, talk of the Democratic field turned to O’Rourke.

Co-host Dagen McDowell told the rest of the crew that “Watching Beto O’Rourke in Iowa over the weekend, he is on fire,” and went on to explain that “Beto has all of this energy, he’s doing the arm wave and the talking with his hands.”

“But Biden and Bernie are going to have some issues with this energy level,” she said.

Fox Business host David Asman noted that a National Review writer dubbed the candidate “Weirdo O’Rourke,” and wondered “how soon do you think it’ll be before we hear the president give him this moniker?”

“He can use the name I gave him, Beta O’Dork,” Kennedy said.

“Beto O’Dork?” Asman said, continuing to be a guy named “Asman” making fun of someone else’s name.

“No, ‘Beta,’ he’s a beta male,” Kennedy corrected him. “Seriously, he’s, all the other women in the race have much more fire and strength than Beta.”

“Hey you will appreciate this, to quote the great Cher Horowitz,” McDowell said, referencing the iconic main character from Clueless, “he’s a full-on Monet. From far away he’s okay but up close, he’s a whole mess.”

To quote a character from another teen classic, Mean Girls, stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen, Kennedy. It’s not going to happen.

Besides, Trump and Fox News have already decided on a nickname for O’Rourke, and have been calling him “Robert Francis” for months.

Watch the clip above, from Fox News.

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