Fox Host: No Wonder Obama Has No ISIS Strategy, He’s Strategizing for ISIS

The Tuesday afternoon Outnumbered team roundly mocked President Barack Obama’s statement, made in a closed-door session with reporters last week, that ISIS would have been better off releasing its hostages with warnings pinned to their shirts than publicly beheading them, with the latter all but guaranteeing an aggressive Western military response.

“This is the commander-in-chief,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said. “[ISIS] doesn’t respond to Hallmark cards.”

Host Sandra Smith even wondered if Obama didn’t have an ISIS strategy because he was too busy unwittingly strategizing on behalf of ISIS. “The irony is we just had the president stand before the American people and say there’s no strategy to combat ISIS, and yet he’s detailing a strategy for ISIS,” she said.

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Only #oneluckyguy Arthur Aidala saw Obama’s logic. “What he’s saying is, had they not done this, nobody would care,” he said. “Everybody knows what’s going on there. 18-year-old kids and 80-year-old people know what’s going on because of the severity and the grotesque actions they took. If they just let them go, nobody would care. We’d be concentrating on Ray Rice.”

He was then shouted down, demonstrating why it’s called Outnumbered.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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