Fox Guest Host on Obama’s Foley Statement: I Wish He’d Show Enough Respect to ‘Put on a Tie’

Fox News contributor and Outnumbered guest co-host Pete Hegseth‘s immediate reaction to President Barack Obama‘s statement regarding an American journalist executed by Islamic terrorists: Where’s his tie?

Obama delivered his statement on James Foley, whose beheading by ISIS was uploaded by the group to YouTube, on Friday from his vacation stay in Martha’s Vineyard. “No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day,” Obama said.

On Fox’s Outnumbered, Hegseth, an Iraq combat veteran, commented on the statement, saying he hopes U.S. military forces have been ordered “to do something about this.” He then commented on Obama: “You know, I wish he’d put on a tie. I wish he’d show enough respect to do that, stand at the podium and do that.”

Hegseth said that the tieless Obama gets him “fired up.”

Watch via Fox News:

[Image via Fox News/screen grab]

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