Fox Host Proposes America Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course at Border: Whoever Can Make it Gets Through

In the wake of yet another attack by President Donald Trump on immigration as a vehicle for drugs and crime, Fox News’ Lisa Montgomery Kennedy proposed an extreme obstacle course at the border to keep out those she felt are undesirable.

The remark came during Thursday’s broadcast of The Five, where Kennedy, known primarily for her self-titled program on the network, sat as a panelist for a discussion on immigrants during which she argued the government hasn’t implemented sufficient border control.

“If you think about the kind people you want to have in this country, you want people who are hardworking, people who are ethical, people who look out for their families and their communities and people who are very physically strong,” she said. “So, I think we need to set up an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course at the border and whoever can make it — you can’t fake it — they get through.”

The reference was to a popular NBC game show in which contestants run through a series of physically demanding challenges that test both endurance and fitness.

Earlier in the morning, Trump made headlines for his Twitter tirade against immigrants. During that tirade, he threatened to shut down the southern border.

His remarks pushing migration again to the top of cable news discussions throughout the day.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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