Fox Host Says Wealthy Tycoon Turned Reality TV Star Turned President is a ‘Blue Collar Worker’

Fox News personality Ainsley Earhardt stunned the entire discipline of logic when she declared that President Donald Trump is a “Rust Belt” person and a “blue collar worker” while attempting to describe similarities with former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Friday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, Earhardt told her fellow co-hosts that she thought Trump will be hard to beat in November, and co-host Steve Doocy said “I’m looking forward to this time about a year from now, when it will be Donald Trump on a stage versus one of the Democrats, who on that stage over the last couple of nights that we’ve seen can possibly keep up with him in the energy department?”

“It’s interesting, though, that America is favoring either President Trump or Joe Biden, depending on what party you’re in,” Earhardt said.

“That would be a contrast,” Doocy interjected.

“They are both Rust Belt people, though, they’re both, like, blue collar workers — that have money, but blue collar,” Earhardt said.

Trump is, of course, a self-professed billionaire who was born into a wealthy family, and further struck it rich as the host of a successful television show. Earhart might have been on more solid ground in describing Trump’s support among white blue collar workers, but her claim that he’s “a blue collar worker” is not supported in fact. And while Joe Biden is certainly a product of the Rust Belt by virtue of his Scranton, Pennsylvania roots, and can claim a working-class upbringing, he’s never been a “blue collar worker” either.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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