Fox Host: Where Was Clinton’s Criticism of Obama When She Worked for Him?

Tucker Carlson: Where Was Clinton's Criticism of Obama When She Worked for Him?

After former Secretary of State and presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s interview in The Atlantic Sunday criticizing aspects of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, Fox & Friends guest host Tucker Carlson wondered where exactly Clinton was during the years she had influence over that policy.

“She sounds like Lindsey Graham!” Carlson cried. “What’s so interesting is I think she means some of this. Clearly some of it is political. …On the other hand, this is consistent with her views since 2000, when she started in the Senate. She voted to authorize force in Iraq in 2003. She has a very different view from Obama. My question to her would be, ‘Really? You were Secretary of State for all those years? Did you just parrot the president’s policy? Where were you when you worked there?'”

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Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that cabinet members answer to the president, and that Clinton was hardly the first ex-Secretary to criticize her former boss (see Powell, Colin). “However, Colin Powell wasn’t running for president,” Kilmeade added.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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