Fox Hosts Ask Who’s Vilifying Muslims (After Trump Releases Statement on Entry Ban)

guilfoyle wattersTwo Fox News hosts slammed the Obama administration today for focusing on anti-Muslim discrimination and demanded to know where Muslim “vilifying” is already coming from.

They said this after Donald Trump called for a U.S. entry ban on all foreign Muslims.

The Five started things off today by reacting to President Obama‘s Oval Office address last night and, more specifically, about how he, Loretta Lynch, and Jeh Johnson have all warned in the past few days about “vilifying” Muslims.

Jesse Watters reacted by saying, “Let me know if you’ve seen any anti-Muslim backlash, I haven’t seen a lot of it.” He said the president never cared about anti-police backlash or anti-tea party backlash.

Kimberly Guilfoyle added, “They’re just assuming horrible facts not in evidence… Who’s vilifying any of the Muslims? Who’s doing that?”

Juan Williams popped in to point to Trump’s widely-condemned proposal. Guilfoyle dismissively told Williams he’s trying to vilify Trump and besides he’s not the president anyway.

Williams said he’s just making the point that if she’s wondering who might be vilifying Muslims, it might be worth taking a look at the guy who just said there should be a blanket ban on all of them entering the United States.

It’s worth noting that in the next segment, they did briefly address Trump’s remarks, and instead of directly engaging with them, he brought up FDR instead.

You can watch the initial segment above, via Fox News.

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