Fox Hosts Clash Over Obama’s NSA Defense: ‘Disingenuous’ To Support Patriot Act Under Bush But Not Obama

Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson found herself at odds with co-host Steve Doocy and fill-in Eric Bolling on Tuesday, when called out hypocrisy of those who supported the Patriot Act under President Bush but haven’t done so under President Obama. It’s not disingenuous, Doocy contended, because Obama has stretched the surveillance so far that it’s illegal.

Carlson, as many have pointed out, did agree that it’s problematic that Obama vocally criticized Bush-era surveillance. Not to mention: “If the war on terror doesn’t exist, why do you need to have this expansive NSA program?”

However, she added, “I do think it’s important that if you supported the Patriot Act the first time around…under President Bush, then for the most part you should support it under President Obama.” It’s “disingenuous” to say otherwise.

Doocy countered that the Obama administration has veered into “illegal” territory. Responding to Carlson, Bolling, too, said he’s been accused of hypocrisy on that front — but that he didn’t agree with it. It’s “absolutely incorrect” to say those who supported it earlier should support it now, he argued, because it initially was set up to target foreign intelligence. Now Obama says he can target Americans, Bolling noted.

“Somebody is being hypocritical,” he added. “It is not me. I would say it is the administration.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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