Fox Hosts Defend Trump: Trump Tweets Weren’t Racist, ‘When Did Love It Or Leave It Become Racist?’


Prior to the press conference by the four freshmen progressive congresswomen responding to President Donald Trump, hosts on The Five defended POTUS and said his tweets telling them to go back to their countries weren’t racist.

Greg Gutfeld said in his opening monologue, “The tweets are being called racist because Trump told critics of the U.S. to go back to their country. Now those critics are holding a presser any minute to respond. It all sounds bad if you leave out the rest of it. He actually said go back to your countries, fix the problems there, and then come back and show us how you did it? So how many racists say leave, then please come back and help us? I’d say probably zero.”

The issue Gutfeld did take was that Trump “could work harder on the details, like only one of the ‘squad’ is from somewhere else, and also maybe not tweet about the Dems while they’re eating each other alive.”

“I could have worded the tweets better than Trump,” he concluded, “but unlike his crazy critics, at least I can read them.”

Dana Perino argued, “The point about him saying that they could come back, if that were his really strong point, he would’ve reiterated it today when he answered several questions about it and he never did that. He just said leave.”

Dan Bongino said that members of that group of progressive congresswomen “have actually said things that require require no interpretation,” bringing up “impeach the motherfucker” from Rashida Tlaib and “all about the Benjamins” from Ilhan Omar.

Jesse Watters brought up that his mom already texted him that Trump’s tweets are clearly racist and telling him he shouldn’t equivocate about it.

Watters went on to say, “Mom’s not going to scare me off. These were not racist. This was about patriotism. When did ‘Love it or leave it?’ become racist? Not only leave it, hey, come back and help us fix our problems.”

“We are not talking about death, famine, drought. We’re talking about a word, a tweet. We’re not even talking about an action and people are crying their eyes out about this,” he continued. “They have said so many worse things about this president. He is a Nazi rapist who deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life?”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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