Fox Hosts Go After NSA’s ‘Big Brother’ Overreach: ‘Is This Abuse Of The PATRIOT Act?’

The Fox & Friends crew weighed this morning on the story that broke yesterday about the National Security Administration collecting phone records of Verizon customers. Citing massive federal government overreach, the hosts unanimously appeared appalled by the news — while also questioning whether the actions abuse the PATRIOT Act.

“What is the objective of getting these numbers and collecting all these numbers from all the millions of Americans?” Brian Kilmeade asked. “Are they overseas calls? Is there terror activity? Is there reason to be suspicious? Or is this abuse of the PATRIOT Act?”

It is, Steve Doocy agreed, citing Section 215. “It said that you could go after people based on individual investigations,” he explained. But what’s going on now is “a gigantic overreach” on the government’s part. Big Brother is watching us. “You have been rosened out there!”

Kilmeade questioned the root of both the NSA actions and the IRS scandal. Who, he asked, is approving all this?

Take a look, via Fox News:

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