Fox Hosts Question ‘Curious Timing’ Of Susan Rice Replacing National Security Adviser: She ‘Misled’ Nation

There’s a shakeup to the Obama administration’s foreign policy team, according to reports this morning. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon has resigned, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice — of Benghazi Sunday show fame — will assume his role. In reporting the news, the Fox & Friends crew recalled how Rice “mislead” the country and questioned the timing of the switch.

The post does not require Senate confirmation, and Donilon is expected to remain on the job until early July. (Samantha Power, a former National Security Council staffer, will replace Rice.)

Steve Doocy reminded viewers that Rice was the one who appeared on the Sunday shows following Benghazi and “misled the nation.”

“That will be interesting as it’s dissected over the day,” Gretchen Carlson chimed in, “because a lot of people will think the resignation has interesting timing based on the fact people are asking, where has Tom Donilon been through a lot of these situations that have been going on, specifically Benghazi.”

It’s “very curious timing,” Doocy added, given the news cycles focusing on the administration’s scandals — “regarding Benghazi, and the IRS, and the Rosen and AP case.”

“And now what are they doing? Changing the subject,” he said. “Hey, Tom Donilon is out. We’ve got Susan Rice. We’re starting over.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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