Fox Hosts Rag On ‘Jerk’ O’Reilly: ‘Can You Imagine Spending A Weekend With That Guy?’ — ‘It’d Be Deadly’

Despite being good friends with colleague Bill O’Reilly, Fox personalities Don Imus and Bob Beckel seem to think he’s a total “jerk” with whom it would be insufferable to spend an entire weekend.

During a segment of today’s Imus in the Morning, the two had a little fun at O’Reilly’s expense, mocking his bombastic persona and his forthcoming book Killing Jesus.

“I don’t like O’Reilly that much. He’s a jerk,” Imus told Beckel. “But I can say that because we’ve been friends for 30 years. Sometimes he can be okay, but his show is great. That’s a great television program.”

“You can argue all you want about O’Reilly’s personality,” Beckel said of his absent colleague, “but he does know how to do a TV show.”

The Five co-host then continued: “Could you imagine spending a weekend with that guy?”

“No,” Imus responded. “Lord God, no.”

“It would be deadly,” Beckel agreed.

The two then mocked O’Reilly for his newest book, Killing Jesus, which claims to have “new” information about the killing of Jesus Christ. “Hey Bill, for 2,000 years you’ve had historians, archaeologists trying to figure out something new about Jesus,” Beckel mocked, “and you’re gonna come up with something!?”

“Oh, he’s so full of himself,” Imus replied.

“Full of himself, really?” Beckel quipped. “I must’ve missed that.”

Watch below, via FBN:

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