Fox Hosts Rip Obama’s Hypocritical Embrace Of Bush Policies: ‘Uncle Sam Turns Out To Be Big Brother’

“In the name of trying to keep us all very safe, Uncle Sam turns out to be Big Brother,” Steve Doocy remarked on Friday’s Fox & Friends. Questioning the expansion of government surveillance under President Obama, the hosts alerted viewers to the hypocrisy of the president being against President George W. Bush‘s surveillance before he was in favor of in during his own presidency.

Gretchen Carlson had a few questions about what many are calling an “excessive” extension of the Patriot Act. “Who would leak this information? And why?” she asked. “If this administration does not believe there currently still is a war on terror, then why are they doing this? Why are they doing a more extensive overreach of what President Bush was doing that they highly criticized if, in fact, there is no war on terror?”

Meanwhile, Brian Kilmeade why, with so much tracking, the Boston bombers slipped through. “1-800-CHECHNYA,” anyone?

“I think President Obama owes another salute to President Bush,” he later added. Everything Bush did, “from Gitmo on down, this president has kept in stock.”

With that, they revisited Obama’s previous remarks, wherein he said Bush’s surveillance “puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide.”

About that…

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