Fox Hosts Rip Snowden’s Attempt To Be ‘Judge’ & ‘Jury’ Of Policy: Is He ‘Completely Telling The Truth’?

The hosts of Fox & Friends again took aim at NSA leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday morning, criticizing him for putting American lives at risk — which undoubtedly does not make him a hero. They also questioned the full story about behind the leak, wondering if Snowden acting alone and whether he may not quite be telling the truth.

This high school dropout has said he “wants to judge and be the jury” of American foreign policy, Brian Kilmeade argued — but how are we supposed to believe his claims that the U.S. has been hacking into Chinese computers since 2009? The contention is self-serving.

We don’t yet know how much damage Snowden’s done, he added, as Gretchen Carlson turned to questions about Snowden’s credibility and honesty. “It appears now that there’s going to be more and more information coming out that maybe he didn’t act alone and maybe he’s not exactly completely telling the truth,” she elaborated.

“Is it so tough to try to figure out is it liberty or safety?” Carlson later asked. “This guy can’t be a hero in my mind especially with more information coming out. The next time a terrorist attack happens on our soil, are we going to say that’s because we jeopardized this program that was in place that had thwarted, as he testified yesterday, dozens of terrorist attacks?”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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