Fox Nets Its Highest-Rated Quarter Results Thanks Largely to Fraught Election Cycle and Numerous Trump Appearances

Fox NewsThanks in large part to its coverage of a highly unpredictable election cycle, including 140 appearances by Donald Trump and numerous other candidates, Fox News garnered its highest-ever quarterly rating results, according to industry reports.

During this election cycle, Fox hosted two GOP debates, which were the two highest-rated telecasts in its history, despite Trump’s protestations that his absence from the second one would sink the event’s ratings. The strong viewership led Fox to have its 73rd consecutive quarter of profit growth, and shored up the earnings of the network’s parent company 21st Century Fox, whose revenue from film releases has dropped this year.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

Insiders at Fox News, run by CEO and chairman Roger Ailes, confirm ad sales during the most recent quarter were strong across the board, including pharmaceuticals, technology, automotive and, naturally, politics.

[h/t Hollywood Reporter]

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