Fox News Contributor: Trump Giving Rush Limbaugh Medal Of Freedom Is Same as Obama Giving It to Ellen Degeneres


Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo dismissed the left-wing outrage toward Donald Trump for awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has a long, well-documented history of making bigoted and racist remarks, and instead analogized the move to President Barack Obama giving the same award to Ellen Degeneres, the famous comedian and first openly gay TV star, who does not have a long, well-documented history of making bigoted and racist remarks.

Speaking on Laura Ingraham‘s Wednesday night show, Arroyo pushed back against critics who, while they sympathized with Limbaugh’s tragic cancer diagnosis, nonetheless rejected the idea that the right-wing radio host should be bestowed with such a prestigious award based on his decades-long practice of stirring racial hatred.

“Let me make two quick points. First, the idea that the Presidential Medal of Freedom, not Honor, is reserved for those who cure cancer or civil rights leaders is absurd,” Arroyo said, making a straw-man argument.

Arroyo then stripped all context of Limbaugh’s past rhetoric from his argument to blithely compare the right-wing radio provocateur to other media figures and entertainers who have been honored previously. “Obama gave the medal to Ellen, Robert De Niro, Lorne Michaels, the SNL overlord. Paul Harvey — the radio legend — received this medal, appropriately, so it is entirely appropriate to give it to Rush Limbaugh.”

“It is curious that some are trying to suggest that giving the medal to Rush is racist,” a dismayed Arroyo added. “Jennifer Rubin over at the Washington Post wrote a piece entitled, ‘What’s next, giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to David Duke?'”

Rubin’s piece, notably, also included numerous quotes from Limbaugh pushing racist stereotypes and mocking disabilities, from amplifying the Obama-Birther conspiracy to mocking Native Americans for all having “casinos,” to doing a vicious, flailing impression of Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox.

“She is disgusting, she is disgusting,” Ingraham said with contempt, without addressing any of the toxic comments by Limbaugh raised by Rubin. “I don’t even — no one knows who she is. This is the level of hatred; this is hatred towards Trump.”

“Right!” Arroyo interjected.

Arroyo continued, claiming that the criticism of Limbaugh was also unfair to Trump because of all the president has done for people of color.

“Let’s talk about why” Arroyo said. “This is the critique du jour, racism, because last night at the State of the Union, the president awarded a scholarship to little Janiyah Davis, a little African-American girl from Pennsylvania. And then that Super Bowl ad featured Alice Marie Johnson who benefited from Trump’s criminal justice reform.”

“Everyone is racist; everyone attached to him is racist. That’s all they have because they have no argument,” Ingraham exclaimed, before pointing out that African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was the officiant at Limbaugh’s third wedding in 1994, which has since dissolved. “But he doesn’t count either, remember!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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