Fox News Airs Dramatic Live Footage After Officers Shot in Dallas


There have been reports of shots fired in Dallas during a protest tonight and unconfirmed reports that at least one officer has been shot down:

Dallas is one of the cities where #BlackLivesMatter protesters have been marching in tonight in response to two police shootings this week.

Fox News actually ran footage from an affiliate appearing to show an officer on the ground:

And that affiliate is reporting that two officers were shot down:

Below is a disturbing screengrab from Fox’s coverage of what appears to be officers lying on the ground:

dallas cops

UPDATE –– 10:25 pm EDT: Below you can see disturbing, intense footage from when the shooting started, via Fox:

UPDATE –– 10:27 pm EDT: There are unconfirmed reports that the shooter had a rifle. Megyn Kelly had been noting earlier this evening that the protest had been peaceful until the shots rang out.

UPDATE –– 10:33 pm EDT: Someone on the scene posted a video on Facebook Live that picked up the gunshots and the ensuing chaos:

The police are still searching for the shooter.

UPDATE –– 10:38 pm EDT: Someone else posted another video nearby when the shooting started:

UPDATE –– 10:46 pm EDT: You can watch Fox 10 Phoenix’s li

UPDATE –– 10:59 pm EDT: There are new reports from local media that anywhere from 3 to 6 officers have been shot.

UPDATE –– 11:05 pm EDT: There are reports that authorities have tracked down a suspect and is negotiating with them. These reports also say there are at least two shooters.

UPDATE –– 11:14 pm EDT: One reporter posted video of someone, apparently a cop, shouting that a shooter is “in the alley”:

UPDATE –– 11:22 pm EDT: Below are two more videos from the scene, one of which shows that shots started to ring out as people were chanting “hands up, don’t shoot”:

UPDATE –– 11:26 pm EDT: DART has confirmed on Twitter that four officers were shot. Three were injured and one has died:

UPDATE –– 11:32 pm EDT: The Dallas police department has confirmed that three officers are dead and seven more have injures ranging from non-life-threatening to critical:

And it appears police have cornered at least one of the two suspects:

UPDATE –– 07/8, 12:00 am EDT: 10 officers were shot and 4 died. The Dallas PD has released a photo of a suspect (Update Below):

dallas suspect

UPDATE –– 07/8, 2:30 pm EDT: The person of interest in the photograph above was questioned by police and released. He is not a suspect.

[image via screengrab]

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