Fox News Airs Selectively Edited Clip to Blame Antifa For Hammer Fight With Proud Boys


Fox & Friends aired a selectively edited video of violent street clashes in Portland to accuse anti-fascist protesters of “trying to hit people with hammers.” The weapon in question, as revealed by a longer video, was initially brought to the protest and used by a far-right demonstrator against Antifa.

The Monday morning Fox News segment played a short clip on a loop showing an Antifa protester holding a hammer while facing off with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group that staged Saturday’s “End Domestic Terrorism” demonstration in Portland alongside alt-right and white supremacist groups.


“They go out in the street and they cause chaos. [Antifa] is a terror group, nothing more. They were trying to hit people with hammers,” pro-Trump pundit Dan Bongino remarked during a Fox News segment on Monday morning as the network played the clip.

In the video aired on Fox, the hammer is highlighted, and shown being thrown by an Antifa protestor at a Proud Boy. The full video of the hammer incident, however, shows that it was a member of the Proud Boys who brought the weapon to the rally; the hammer was then taken by Antifa protestors after a Proud Boy attempted to bludgeon them with it during a fight outside of the Proud Boys’ bus.

Fox News failed to include the beginning of the encounter showing who used the hammer first, which has been widely shared online to debunk others who selectively edited the video.

Instead, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins used the out-of-context snippet to cast the Proud Boys as victims of hammer wielding leftist protestors: “Antifa people are not getting hurt. It’s people like you saw on that bus getting hammered and pepper-sprayed.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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