Fox News Alum Abby Huntsman: If True, Blockbuster New Yorker Piece is a ‘Real, Real Problem’ For the Network

Former Fox News host Abby Huntsman responded Monday morning to a report from The New Yorker claiming Fox News nixed breakage of certain stories in order to protect President Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. The Fox News alum said she believes the report could prove damaging to the network.

“If this story is true–and there are many reasons to believe it is, based off the piece–that is a real, real problem for Fox and it’s a problem for the journalists that work there that want to break these stories. That’s why they’re there, to do their job,” said Huntsman. “And that’s the biggest story if it comes out to be true, they’ve got a problem on their hands.”

Huntsman — a former Fox & Friends weekend co-host — said that having worked on a Fox News opinion show as well as on the news side, she has a lot of respect for the network’s hard news reporters.

“The news side of Fox, they take very seriously there,” said Huntsman, commending the “wonderful people” who work there, including Diana Falzone, the former Fox News journalist who was allegedly turned away by the network after she pitched a bombshell report on Stormy Daniels.

Watch above, via ABC.

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