comScore Fox News Analyst: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have the Temperament for the Hardest Job on the Planet’

Fox News Analyst: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have the Temperament for the Hardest Job on the Planet’


As President Donald Trump continues to wonder which of his senior officials is behind a New York Times op-ed describing an organized resistance effort inside the White House, it’s becoming increasingly evident the anonymous dissenter isn’t the only one.

A.B. Stoddard, Fox News analyst and associate editor of RealClearPolitics, told Fox News’ Shephard Smith that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“I got an email right after the editorial that came out from someone who’s just been on the inside saying, ‘I could have written it myself,'” she told Smith during an interview Thursday, noting the editorial backs Bob Woodward‘s forthcoming book, Fear, on the turmoil within the Trump administration.

But Stoddard thought airing grievances in the Times was a move bound to backfire.

“What this author has done though is sort of encouraged probably more paranoia and more rage on the part of the president,” she said. “He’s going to do something to change the topic, so he’s going to do something probably dramatic to get our focus onto something else. He’s likely to purge the people around him.”

Stoddard emphasized that the fallout could be worsening conditions within the White House, sparked by Trump’s perception that the op-ed has confirmed his worst fears.

The writer’s identity aside, there was one point with which Stoddard did not agree. The president’s real problem, she contended, is not a lack of morals, but a lack of self-control.

“It’s his temperament,” she said. “He’s impulsive and erratic. He changes his mind quickly. He lies frequently. He’s not judicious and he’s not measured, and he doesn’t have the temperament for the hardest job on the planet. That is the concern of the people around him. It’s not that he’s amoral. It’s the way he conducts himself as the commander in chief makes everyone scared and that’s why they’re thwarting his agenda.”

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