Fox News Anchor Asks If Dow ‘Having Another Good Day’ Because ‘An Admitted Democratic Socialist’ Just Ended Campaign


Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner questioned whether the Dow was “having another good day” on Wednesday because “an admitted democratic socialist” — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — suspended his campaign.

“Let me ask you this, I’m watching the Dow having another good day, I’m wondering if any of it has to do with, in the last hour or so, we saw someone who was an admitted democratic socialist suspend his campaign,” questioned Faulkner. “Does this market react to politics like it did before the pandemic?”

“I don’t know if it does like it did before the pandemic,” responded Art Laffer, a former economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan. “But let me just say very seriously, as a Trump supporter and a guy who thinks Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had, I was delighted to see Joe Biden win the Democratic primary.”

“Not because I want to vote for Joe Biden, but because I think Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be very, very bad for this country, and if by chance — I think it’s a small chance — but if Biden wins the election, I think he would do a lot better job than any other Democratic candidate that was running for office,” Laffer continued. “So I’m very pleased that Joe Biden is winning in the nomination for the Democratic Party.”

In February, Fox Business host Charles Payne also attributed a stock market plunge to the momentum of the Sanders campaign, while in the same month, billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman said he considered the Sanders campaign to be a “bigger threat” to the stock market than the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has killed more than 14,000 Americans and led to increasing fears that the crisis will cause a new Great Depression.

Watch above via Fox News.

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