Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Calls Out Trump: His Story on Cohen Was Clearly ‘Not 100 Percent Truthful’


Fox News Special Report anchor Bret Baier, known for playing it pretty close to the vest, stopped just short of saying it — President Donald Trump flat-out lied to the American people.

“In the middle of all of this and with the Fox News interview with the president yesterday morning saying he didn’t know until after the payments were made, that was called into question because originally he said he didn’t know about them at all,” America’s Newsroom co-anchor Sandra Smith began — citing testimony from Trump organization CFO Allen Weisselberg corroborating Michael Cohen‘s accounts of events.

“Yeah, I mean, the president’s rollout of explaining this has not been clear,” Baier confirmed. “The Washington Post says it’s a flat-out lie in their fact-checking.”

“I think you could look back at the statements and clearly he was not one-hundred percent truthful as he laid that out,” he continued. “You’ve got his answer to [Fox & Friends‘s] Ainsley Earhardt saying he knew later on. The bottom line here though is that there were all these reports that he knew about a lot of things. He knew about the Trump Tower meeting before it happened. And that was cited to Mr. Cohen. Well, it turns out, [Cohen lawyer] Lanny Davis came out and said he never said that. And he testified that that wasn’t the case.”

“So, I think you have a lot of anonymous sources saying a number of things,” he added. “What we have to go on is what people are saying to the cameras and by name, and you have now a situation where more and more people are being kind of rounded up and used in this investigation. To what end I think we have to find out.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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