Fox News Anchor Floats Claim That White House Is ‘Controlling’ Biden’s Speech Because of Cut Live Feed


Fox News anchor Sandra Smith floated the idea that President Joe Biden is being “controlled” by White House staffers because a live feed cut off yesterday.

The live feed in question was from the president’s Monday briefing in California with federal and state fire agency officials about wildfires in California. The feed from the White House ran the president’s comments live, as well as comments from the officials in the room. It cut off as the president started to ask one of them a question.

The moment actually got pick-up from the RNC and Fox News, with the latter noting a recent Politico report that said some White House staffers “will either mute him or turn off his remarks” when he speaks because of their “anxiety” over his off-the-cuff style.

Senator Jim Risch (R- ID) actually brought this up at a serious congressional hearing about the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken laughed off the charge. His denial was noted by Smith, and in a lower-third banner on screen.

Smith raised the issue hours later on Tuesday and asked, “I don’t know, is somebody telling him that he can’t continue and now are they to the point where they are controlling when he has to end his speaking?”

Charlie Hurt agreed with the idea that the White House “has to pull the mic on him, which is pretty ridiculous.”

He added, “If he’s not in charge, who is in charge? This is the result of somebody who didn’t run, he didn’t campaign for presidency, he didn’t ask people for their votes.”

“He certainly ran, but one could make the case he ran from the basement on many occasions,” Smith remarked.

She also played the video of the aforementioned Republican senator to tout how “it’s come to the point… where senators are now asking about this in hearing rooms.”

“It does seem to happen a lot, no question about that,” Roberts said.

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler tweeted earlier Tuesday that the White House schedule read “this meeting will have a pool spray at the top,” meaning “reporters will hear some opening remarks and then leave as the president begins to engage in the briefing.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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