Fox News Anchor Makes Impassioned Call for Gun Control, Cuts Off Colleague Who Said Biden ‘Isn’t Uniting’: ‘He Can’t Do It Alone’


Arthel Neville and Judy Miller discuss gun reform

Fox News anchor Arthel Neville made an impassioned call for gun control in the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, even cutting off her colleague Griff Jenkins when he criticized President Joe Biden for not “uniting” America on the issue.

Neville interviewed Fox News contributor Judy Miller and asked if the Uvalde shooting, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed, will be different from other mass shootings and spur gun legislation.

Miller said “this time may be different” after noting “the Senate goes into recess next week, that means that the furor and the anger that people feel over this latest slaughter is likely to diminish.”

Moments later, Miller said that many deaths “could be prevented with sensible gun legislation.”

“If New Zealand and Australia can do it after their mass shooting, why can’t we?” she asked. “I think it really depends on the Republicans now — they must stop being the party of egregious mass shootings and uncontrolled guns. That has to stop. It’s up to them. And I think Mitch McConnell’s instructions to his fellow Republicans to negotiate with the Democrats suggests that he understands something’s changing.”

“The question, Arthel, is how long will the furor over this kind of mass shooting last?” Miller continued. “Will it be enough to finally, finally push the country, the Senate, the House into some sensible gun control?”

Neville responded, saying “when you lay it out, you’ve got 10 people who were massacred while grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon at Tops in Buffalo, New York” and then “ten days later, 19 children and 2 teachers were murdered inside their classrooms.”

“In each incident, the shooter was an 18-year-old male, the murder weapon in each incident a semiautomatic rife, AR-15-style firearms,” Neville added. “Are we at social change tipping point? Because that is what it’s going to take for lawmakers to pay attention when the people speak and speak loudly.”

Miller replied that she has been embedded with the military in the past and “has seen these weapons in action.”

“I believe firmly that they should [have] no place on America’s streets,” Miller said. “You should not have military assault weapons, never mind in the hands of mentally unstable people, but 18-year-olds? Even Wyoming, Arthel, which is one of the most pro-gun states in the nation, does not permit guns to be sold to young people under 21. And one-third of the states have similar laws. So why can’t we as a nation do this?”

The pair went on to discuss former President Donald Trump‘s remarks at the NRA convention in Houston and argued that common sense gun reform should have bipartisan support.

“Again, is this the point when Americans unite?” Neville said. “Because bullet forensics never list Democrat, Republican or otherwise. Doesn’t sensible gun reform potentially protect us all?”

Later in the segment, Neville covered Biden’s visit to Uvalde in the wake of the shooting with Jenkins and that she prays “that it doesn’t keep happening.”

“But as we’ve said before, prayers are not enough,” she continued. “We have to do something. We’ve got to get the lawmakers to do something. Now, the president is, you know, the commander in chief. This is happening on his watch, but he needs the help of Congress to get something done.”

Jenkins agreed that Biden needs the help of Congress, but said he is facing additional pressure because Sandy Hook happened while he was vice president and no gun reform came from it — prompting Neville to interrupt.

“It’s not just about the president uniting, okay?” she said. “It’s more than that. It’s lawmakers who are stopping the unification. So let’s be clear about that. Yes, this is happening on his watch. Yes, he is responsible. Yes, he campaigned on a united America. And, yes, he needs to do something about it, but he can’t do it alone.”

She continued: “As you well know, the Senate the Democrats are 10 votes short to approve bills pertaining to mass shootings in America, so this will really take some bipartisan effort, sincere effort to get something done. People are fed up.”

“You’ve got a good point there,” Jenkins replied, adding that McConnell’s openness to negotiations and the “weakened” influence of the NRA are two factors that may make this time different than Sandy Hook.

Watch the video clips above, via Fox News.

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