Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Grills Rudy Giuliani For Attacks on Government: ‘Where Does This End?’


President Donald Trump‘s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, railed against the Russia probe Sunday, calling it “rigged” and cautioning that it may become a “trap for perjury.”

“You’ve got 13 Democrats, you’ve got a focus on things that didn’t happen, no Russia collusion, no obstruction, just defending yourself, and now we are into the basis of it being illegitimate,” he told Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

Giuliani, who’s become an ardent critic of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has also touted claims of an FBI informant allegedly infiltrating Trump’s campaign, an accusation initially floated by the president himself which has since gained traction with his lawyer.

However, Hemmer wasn’t buying Giuliani’s story. Pressing him for further information on what the supposed informant was doing, Giuliani conceded he wasn’t sure.

“Well, I mean, I don’t know that yet,” he said. “I haven’t been told that. I mean, it just further reiterates what I’ve come to conclude after two months of being in this, and the president obviously knew from very early on, which is this is rigged.”

Regarding Mueller’s investigation, Giuliani also noted that he would advise the president against being interviewed if it is intended to criminalize Trump.

“I mean, the reality is we are not going to sit them down if this is a trap for perjury and we’re convinced of that,” Giuliani told Hemmer.

The lawyer added that he’s been working on negotiating the terms of a potential interview, but he didn’t offer any assurance that it would become a reality.

Giuliani also underscored his feeling that the investigation has been tainted by the campaign spying rumors, which he appears to believe despite having admitted he lacks information on the matter.

Hemmer then told Giuliani he was “putting the government on trial” with his attacks, asking the lawyer where this all ends.

“You can’t say you’re spying on the Russians if what you’re trying to do is to show Russians are colluding, whatever the hell that means, with the Trump campaign,” Giuliani said, asserting that “the spying turned on Trump campaign.”

“When it did that, the president should have been briefed. If he wasn’t, it’d be an outrage, and at that point, the Trump campaign should’ve been briefed and be asked to cooperate.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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