Fox News Billboard Vandalized in Los Angeles: ‘Fake News. Dishonest Opinion’


Hey L.A., tell us how you really feel.

A vandal identifying themselves as “thrashbird” took his or her talents to a billboard in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles to express their frustration with the coverage provided by Fox News.

In the months since Fox’s new slogan, “Real News. Real Honest Opinion” was unveiled, it’s taken a flak from the left. The Silver Lake vandal posted “fake” over “real” before “news,” and “dis” over “real” before “honest opinion,” making the sign read: “Fake News. Dishonest Opinion.”

A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite the billboard was taken down by 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The vandalism also featured a silhouette of a man hunched over his phone, and speech bubbles coming out of Bret Baier‘s and Laura Ingraham‘s mouths — with callous remarks about immigrant children being separated from their parents. The former is pictured as saying, “They R Not R Kids!” (Baier did not say this) while the latter says, “It’s summer camp!” (Ingraham did actually say this.)

Los Angeles is an overwhelmingly Democratic county, so it ought to be no surprise that someone took their displeasure with the network – which is often accused of shilling for President Donald Trump – where literally everyone could see it.

It’s especially unsurprising given the events of the past few days, in which Trump based his allies in NATO and kissed up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in ways that many Republicans are finding difficult, if not impossible, to defend.

Still, some at Fox News have tried to find ways to look out for their guy, which probably led, in part, to the vandalism.

[image via screengrab]

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