Fox News’ Bret Baier on Trump’s Sec Def Nominee: How Come Shanahan Family Background Wasn’t a ‘Red Flag?’


Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s nomination for Defense Secretary has been withdrawn, a move coming amid the release of a disturbing report on domestic violence within his family.

The Washington Post report out today details an incident when his son attacked his ex-wife and the actions Shanahan––who spoke to the Post––took in the aftermath.

In a statement this afternoon, Shanahan said, “I would welcome the opportunity to be Secretary of Defense, but not at the expense of being a good father.”

On Fox News this afternoon, Bret Baier––who recently interviewed Shanahan––told Dana Perino it was clear he really wanted the job, and said this whole story is just very “painful.”

Perino said she’s confused, telling Baier, “He’s been serving at the Pentagon. He obviously has a clearance. Did the FBI not bring this up before? Is it because he was going to be the secretary they look another look, or what happened there?”

“I think that’s the real question here,” Baier agreed. “How did we get to this point without this coming up as a red flag? Obviously he’s Acting, and he was––then the president said he had intention to nominate him for the job. Why is this just coming up now? Obviously, it’s a big part of his past.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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