Fox News’ Brit Hume: Biden’s Speech Was Mostly ‘Black Grievance Politics We’ve Been Hearing for Decades’


Brit Hume ripped former Vice President Joe Biden‘s protest speech in Philadelphia Tuesday, saying on Tucker Carlson Tonight that it contained “black grievance politics we’ve been hearing for years.”

The comment came when Carlson asked, “When this is all over, and God willing it will be, can we put it all back together again? Have Normal politics and normal media after this?”

“I don’t think we’re going to see that any time soon. We haven’t had a normal media for a couple years now,” Hume said. “We certainly don’t have the Democratic party we used to know and moved ever farther to the left. Now it is truly out there where the buses don’t run with prominent Democratic party spokespeople saying the things they are saying, siding as they clearly have with the protesters even if they’re violent and looting.”

“Joe Biden’s speech today was a perfect example,” Hume said. “He had about two sentences or so in that speech of some length in which he expressed disapproval of the violence. All the rest of it was the same black grievance politics we’ve been hearing for decades now. It was absolutely boilerplate dressed up in some well-done rhetoric. But that’s really what it was.”

In Biden’s Philadelphia speech, the Democrat attacked President Donald Trump‘s “selfishness” during nationwide protests that have gone on during the last week and said “we cannot let our rage consume us.”

Hume also asked, “Has any country on earth, Tucker, tried to right the racial wrongs as this country has?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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