Fox News: But What Does Mary Jo Buttafuoco Think Of The Arizona Shooting?


Unless you’ve spent every single waking moment since Saturday under a rock, you’ll know that the news has been dominated by the shooting outside a Tucson, Arizona Safeway supermarket which resulted in six people dead (including John Roll, chief judge for the U.S. District Court for Arizona) and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the hospital. New news about the shooting – and shooter Jared Loughner – has been steadily streaming across news tickers on every major news channel, but that doesn’t mean a few networks haven’t seen the need to be a little… creative… in the ways they’ve been searching for additional angles. So: Cue Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Buttafuoco, for those with no memory of the 90s, was shot in the head by Amy Fisher, the underage young woman with whom her husband was having an affair. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly spoke with Buttafuoco about the recovery and ongoing health issues associated with suffering such an injury, and to speculate about what challenges Giffords, who is currently under sedation after having been shot in the head, might have ahead of her. Besides the physical rehabilitation Buttafuoco has had to contend with, she brings up the emotional scars associated with her attack. Regardless of the differences between Buttafuoco’s injuries and Giffords’, the interview does lead one to imagine how Giffords will be able to face her constituents or attend public events when and if she chooses to return to public life.

Watch the video from Fox News:

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