Fox News CEO Hits Back at Liberal Activists: ‘We’re Not Going to Let the Voices of the Few Impact Our Business’


Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott gave her first in-depth interview since taking ascending to the top job last year, and staunchly defended the network’s hosts from recent controversies.

Fox News remains the top rated network in cable news, but all three of its primetime hosts — the highest rated stars on the network — have faced brutal ad boycotts in recent years. While most big name advertisers have returned to Sean Hannity‘s show, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham remain stuck with smaller ads filling their commercial breaks.

Despite those headaches, Scott defended the network’s opinion programming in an interview with Variety, which named her “the most powerful female executive in TV news.”

“Our audience is deeply connected to our primetime shows,” she said. “We are the only ones with conservative talent in primetime. We believe in free speech. We fully support our primetime talent, and we’re not going to let the voices of the few impact our business.”

The profile also touches on reports that Scott made an effort last year to reign in talent from making controversial comments on air, after a series of guests made insane remarks that sparked controversies.

Variety reported that decision from Scott is personal:

Some of that is just good policy, Scott says, but she has other reasons for making people more mindful of what they say. She acknowledges Fox News’ primetime hosts have “a little bit more latitude,” but otherwise is averse to empty name-calling. “What is not well known about me is I have a special-needs sister, and I grew up in a household where you could not use certain words to describe or talk about people. And I don’t want to hear things on the air that I think are over the line,” says Scott. “When you are a producer, you are there to protect the brand, and you are there to protect the talent. That is your role in the control room and that is the message I wanted to send. People have to be listening.”

The profile also details Scott’s rise from serving under longtime Fox News executive Chet Collier to running a network that is the primary cash cow of Lachlan Murdoch‘s newly formed company, Fox Corp.

Read the full profile here.

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